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In an imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy there is white and there is other (with all the hierarchies and oppression that come with each brand of other). What are you? Where are you from? Irrelevant questions asked to solicit your cooperation in the proper allocation of oppression, so well programmed that likely the asker may not conciously realize their import. That decision is not made on your genealogy, upbringing, or self identification. That decision will be made for you, and reinforced by strangers and loved ones of all hues and political affiliations. Allies and oppressors alike. Accept your place and the privileges, and lack thereof that come with it… or fight. Fight… Fight not, I ask, that you not be thrown into one or another box and assigned your place and power as such. Fight rather against the oppression of all who are afflicted by this system. Fight for the memories and strengths of all your ancestors and traditions. Fight not to create new hierarchies, but rather for new coalitions and an end to all borders geopolitical, internalized, and systemic.


Tomoe Gozen, 1157-1247 onna-bugeisha (female samurai) 



Tomoe Gozen, 1157-1247 
onna-bugeisha (female samurai) 



CBS Flexes It’s White Privilege: #HIMYM Cast in Yellow Face, By Danielle Miller

Since many have been so scrutinized for their red face depictions it seems Hollywood needed a new focus for attention.  The easiest way to gain attention quickly is through shock value; we see this daily with tabloids and Reality TV. It seems television executives have become aware of how offending racial groups quickly brings names to the spotlight.

While name dropping and attention from audiences may give Hollywood the instant gratification it seeks, they need to realize that resorting to red/yellow/black face for relevance is only giving them negative attention.

You would think with the slew of appropriation and the backlash in the past few years that everyone would have learned their lesson. All the supposedly heartfelt and good intentioned apologies have been created to assuage those who react to the offenses. However, we still see the reckless appropriation and stereotypical depictions continue and the apologies become more inauthentic, predictable and redundant.

An apology means nothing if the actions which caused harm continue. With actions perpetuated it becomes obvious that perpetuators believe they can do anything as long as they can write up another generic apology. Again I will stress the significance of holding perpetuators accountable for their actions and no longer being satisfied with another generic apology.

These patterns reveal that these depictions are no longer a mistake, but ways to subconsciously uphold oppressive power structures. While many point out that there are bigger issues, they fail to recognize that the bigger issues are trivialized and silenced when stereotyped depictions are used to represent a racial group rather than true stories and depictions.

What does this say about the mainstream, that these issues go viral and yet somehow these events keep occurring? There are many possibilities, but it can be proven that it goes beyond “good intentions” and attempts to “honor” the cultures they steal and make a mockery of.

The Katy Perry performance was one that went viral and all the conversations claimed that she wanted to honor the culture and had good intentions although elements of the performance, and her reaction, and actions of appropriation (past and current) proved otherwise.

In last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, cast members dressed in yellow face. The video showing this depiction is listed as ”no longer available” on the CBS website.

How many hands did this script go through from writers room to production? How does no one in their all white writers staff, cast, and production team call this out.. Oh.. Wait.. I remember now.

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